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Holiday gift wear nail clip

Holiday gift wear nail clip

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Size 6.3 cm * 5.4 cm * 0.1 cm
Nail Products Category :Nail Stickers
Specifications :Nail Art
Color classification A: 246 ballet wine red, B: 97 jelly rose pink ballet, C: 116 ballet red frosted, D: 321 blue gray frosted square, E: 285 ballet bean paste, F: 319 jelly bright red round,

Note: The numbers on the back of the nail are fingertips. It is easy to wear when sticking on the reverse side. Please distinguish the front and back and stick it!
It is recommended that the novice MM first try it with double-sided tape after getting it. The double-sided tape can be removed and worn at any time.

Convenient and does not hurt nails. After getting acquainted, use glue to stick the nails if necessary.

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