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Cosmic Lush

Purple shampoo

Purple shampoo

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1. Make silver gray, silver white, first fade the hair to 9-10 degrees, rinse and blow to 80% dry, directly apply the head

It can be washed in about 5 minutes, and it can be washed in silvery white for 2 minutes. If the color is lavender, you can use  yellow

Shampoo again!


2. When quercetin: fading 5-8 degrees, rinse well, blow to 80% dry, apply directly to the hair for about 5 minutes

It can be flushed, it can effectively remove the yellow pigment in the hair, and make the hair look linen or smoky!


3. When the daily care solid color shampoo, use it once every 5 days can effectively care for your hair color!


Note: Apply wet hair, remember not to apply too much (not white can be applied, but pigmentation is not good)

(To prevent pigmentation quickly), observe the color change (where it is still a little yellow, indicating that the paste is applied less, where is yellow

Where to apply, apply the side, after whitening, you can rinse long hair.

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